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Business Case for Vidoni Mixed Reality Training Implementation Request

For this example, let’s say you want to pursue in-house hands-on training with Vidoni Mixed Reality Tools.

Training Request for: (name here)

Title: (title here)

Department: (Dept. here)


Over the past 12 months, I have been asked to (train) the (new hires). I am very excited that I have been asked to do more of this type of project because it’s a skill I want to develop further. However, many of these training session require more time and more people for hire and large groups at a time. Many time there is a need for advanced knowledge of the equipment but students at different level to be taught at the same time. Additionally, since we’ve made the transition just in-time production it’s necessary for existing employees and all employees to have mixed skills. I have been able to search through our existing training tools and struggle through meedting these needs with a limited staff and traing material distribution or ask others to assist me, but I know I would be much more proficient and effective in my enterprise training support role for the executives and teams I support if I could get some more advanced tools for training that would create a multiplier effect. Also, these tools should allow for self-administered refresher training.


 I would like to request your approval to buy the Vidoni Mixed Reality Training System.

Here are the Vidoni component details and required equipment:





Upon successful completion of this implementation, (company name) will be able to:







The Vidoni course is designed for students who want to gain the skills necessary to work with (equipmnet or process), various types of (——), (—-), (—), collaboration , and advanced training delivery. This course also assists in the preparation for the Training Specialist exams in (——). It is for employees or new hires who already have knowledge of the basics of (—-), including (—-) and (—-), (—-), (—-), (—-), and training preparation.

Course Outline: Lesson 1:

 Customize

 Personalize

 Customize

 Apply Advanced Customization Options

Lesson 2: Customizing

 Set Up

 Layouts

 Create (—-)

 Adding (—-)

 Modify

 (—-) Master

Lesson 3: Adding

 Create (—-)

 Modify (—-)

Lesson 4: Adding (—-)

 Add (—-)

 Customize (—-)

Lesson 5: Customizing a

 Set Up (—-)

 (—-)

 Set Up a S(—-)

Lesson 6: Collaborating on a Presentation

 Review a Presentation

 Publish Slides to a Slide Library

 Share a Presentation


 If the average training presentation takes me ( ) hours, and I work on 3 presentations each week. That’s ( ) hours of my time.

 My billable hours are $— per hour, so that’s equal to $—- per week.

 Over the course of an entire year (50 weeks), that’s $—,000.

 If Vidoni gives me the training environment and tools I need to be able to accomplish my class training in —- minutes instead, that’s a —-minute savings that is a —% increase in productivity).

o 30 minutes of savings X 3 presentations per week = 1.5 hours of my time

o 1.5 hours of my time X $20 per hour = $30

o $30 X 50 weeks = $1500

 Over the course of a year, that’s a savings to the company of $1500

 The training cost is $325.

As you can see, the cost of the training is only 21.6% of the total savings that the company will realize by sending me for this training class.


 Work to create a curiclium with Vidoni on —- 2019

 Tour and LiDAR the workspace for the training model

 Begin using my skills on September 21

 Gather the other admins in our division and share what I learned with them also at our —-- quarterly meeting.


 This proposal assumes that Vidoni will increase learning and efficiency by 25%.


 Based on feedback from other colleagues I have talked to who have attended various training sessions at a variety of facilities in our area, Vidoni comes the most highly recommended for the value of the class content, the class user guides which they provide, and the overall cost of the class.

 Another wonderful benefit is I can re-take the training class within 6 months at no additional charge at Vidoni.

 Vidoni also gives access to the equivalent of the web based course on their website for additional refreshers and online training for six months following the in class training.

 This training investment will:

o Improve my performance

o Save money and labor on presentation development

o Increase my on the job productivity

o Improve the customer satisfaction of my executive and team with my final work product

o Make me an even better administrative professional

 I would like to respectfully recommend that this training be approved for me and the class registration be reimbursed by the company.

Thank you for your consideration of this request!

Respectfully submitted,

[Your Signature]

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“What’s worse than training your workers and losing them? Not training them and keeping them.” -- Zig Ziglar

“An investment in education always pays the highest returns.” -- Ben Franklin